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Melissa Potter
Paper Conservation & Restoration

Museum-quality care for your fine art and historical documents 
Enjoy your works on paper for decades to come.

With over 20 years of experience in paper conservation, preservation, and restoration, Melissa works with cultural institutions, collectors, and the public.

Expertise in the conservation of:

Prints | Drawings | Watercolours | Pastels
Contemporary Art on Paper | Paintings on Paper

Archival Documents | Certificates | Posters | Maps
Architectural Drawings | Ephemera | 3D Paper Objects

Parchment and Vellum

Request an Estimate

Ask about treatment of your paper artifact or learn about getting your preservation project done.

416 727 5712

My Conservation

Paper reflects the richness of history.  Whether it is an important artwork, a historical document, or an entire collection, my first goal is to honour the intent of the original. Using current research-based techniques and scientifically tested materials, I work to preserve the chemical and physical stability of the original.  My goal is to improve the aesthetics as much as possible, so that you, your family, or your community can continue enjoying your art and material heritage for generations to come. 

As an accredited member of the Canadian Association of Professional Conservators and a Professional Associate member of the American Institute for Conservation of Art and Historic Works I ensure your works receive the highest standard of care.  


Before and After Treatment

Trusted by Cultural Institutions and Collectors

All services are performed to the standards outlined in the Code of Ethics and Guidance for Practice publication issued by the Canadian Association for Conservation and the Code of Ethics and Guidelines for Practice issued by the American Institute for Conservation.

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